Wila Tooling

WILA’s New Standard tooling systems are an international benchmark for quality and productivity. In order to flexibly respond to all customer preferences and all press brakes, WILA

New Standard bending tools have been divided into two product ranges: New Standard Premium and New Standard Pro.

New Standard Premium

Press brake tools of the very highest quality, which are based on WILA’s long-standing expertise and experience. WILA’s highly regarded product range has an international reputation when it comes to tools for bending products with extreme tolerances and very complex requirements. New Standard Premium is renowned for its performance and quality in sheet-metal processing industries throughout the world.

New Standard Pro

The leading standard for bending applications with less extreme requirements, but where high quality and productivity are still essential. New Standard Pro is a comprehensive product range for press brake tools with a limited working height. An intelligent combination of clamping system and tooling helps to guarantee perfect bending results.

American Style

The WILA product range designed especially for the North American market. American Style press brake tools and accessories have been carefully adapted by WILA to suit the American approach to sheet-metal bending. This range of products is ideal for all press brakes with an American Style ram configuration. Of course, WILA’s American Style product range is also characterized by very high quality standards.

Customized press brake tools

Customization for very specific requirements
Thanks to its New Standard tooling systems and the Universal Press Brake concept, WILA is able to offer a range of solutions for almost all bending applications. However, some requirements and situations can be beyond standard solutions. Naturally, WILA addresses these special product needs with its customary level of quality. Customized versions of WILA press brake tools are tailor-made in accordance with your specifications. Please feel free to enquire about the possibilities.