Hydraulic Power Pack

Clamping system for perfect flexibility

WILA offers hydraulic power packs for all hydraulic New Standard clamping systems. They can be fitted with an optional remote control or can be controlled …


Faster and safer tool changes

WILA’s Safety-Click® innovation is a breakthrough in bending technology. This system has been integrated into all New Standard top tools making it possible to …

Tooling Gripper

Automatic changes in small series

The Wila New Standard Tooling Gripper (ATC-6 Gripper) for robotic bending applications can automatically change bending tools to support small batch manufacturing. …

Press Brake Productivity ToolStation

Efficient storage and changes

This is a recent WILA innovation. This intelligent storage system makes it possible to load and unload tools without lifting and hoisting.

Press Brake Productivity Cabinet

Tool storage

Very solid tool cabinet for press brake tools.
Specially developed by WILA to safely and clearly store New Standard
tooling. The Productivity Cabinet is also flexible.


Easily assembly press brake tools

WILA Guards not only increase the aesthetic value, but also make it possible to simplify the loading of all tools. In addition, the Guards protect clamps and more.