Customer benefits

  • Up to two fully automatic CNC-controlled and monitored cutting heads (ByJet Pro technology) ensure short throughput times
  • Low purchase price thanks to focus on the essential
  • High efficiency of the pump and long service intervals keep operating costs low
  • High-end assemblies and materials for long-lasting high precision
  • Minimal set-up space due to integrated components as well as good accessibility from several sides

Key technical values

ByJet Smart 3015
Number of cutting heads 1 or 2
Maximum positioning speed parallel to the x, y axis 20 m/min
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 28 m/min
Positioning accuracy ± 0,08 mm/axis
Repeatability ± 0,025 mm/axis
Maximum cutting range for flat processing 3068 x 1544 mm
Maximum workpiece weight on cutting grid (standard grid slats)** 1600 kg/m2
Maximum workpiece thickness 200 mm
** Statistical load of new grid slats