Since 1987 Rolleri has been producing standard and special tooling. The family owned company (Francesco and Marco Rolleri) can nowadays be considered one of the largest press brake tooling manufacturers in Europe. They are internationally available for customers to utilize global experience and footprints.

The Production

All production phases are certified and up to quality check standards and safety regulations. Thereby we guarantee you consistent high quality with modern CNCmachines. All tools are laser marked with a serial number.

Thus, allowing every single tool to be identified and easily tracked for reproduction. This is what we call accurate repetition

The Quality

Rolleri ISO 9001:2008 certified.
To be your choice supplier means much more to us; together we can find the best and most economic tool and develop a vast number of bending solutions.

We also offer training for your employees in the bending department. These are qualities, where we are glad to assist you along with our extravagant number of bending products.

The Quality Control

An extra quality control department reviews and tests every single tool after a complete production cycle. Every tool is given a serial number and batch number, after being carefully examined.

This process guarantees a 100% retracing possibility of the tool. Of course Rolleri also guarantees accurate reproduction, high-quality material, induction hardening, and precision grinding.

The Press Brake Tools

Rolleri manufactures all tools in their own production facilities.

We put great importance into our precision grinding, guaranteeing accurate reproduction of tools, exact concurrency. We induction harden all tools at 54-60 HRc to get the best results for your punches and dies. Each tool is subjected to quality control and then provided with a serial number to simplify and guarantee tracking.