A powerful and efficient machine concept!

A characteristic of all Fladder® finishing machines is that they are the result of intensive, targeted product development work, producing a design, which is able to meet all manufacturer’s requirements for durability, efficiency and ease of operation.

In the development work, emphasis has been put on making the design as strong and compact as possible, employing a minimum of components.

Fladder AUT

Fladder® AUT

The Fladder AUT is the perfect deburring solution for small parts processing. With the smallest footprint, the machine has all of the qualities of its larger counterparts.

Fladder 300 GYRO

Fladder® 300/GYRO

The Fladder 300/Gyro is your mid-sized deburring solution. Able to process parts just over 5 ft. wide, this machine can get the job done.

Fladder 400 GYRO

Fladder® 400/GYRO

Capable of deburring the largest of parts, the Fladder 400/Gyro provides the most processing capabilities.