You describe what, the machine figures out how

Customer Benefits

  • Also available in 3015 and 4020 designs. This means that even 4 × 2 m sheet metal can be processed quickly and economically
  • A high degree of autonomy thanks to Collision Detection, lens-cassette changer, nozzle changer, and automatic nozzle alignment. This reduces non-productive time and increases process reliability. Fewer operator interventions are required, thus freeing up time to concentrate on planning and control
  • The ergonomic design and optimal access to the cutting range, make the machine extremely user-friendly
  • Maintenance Messenger: Machine control notifies the operator when machines and laser sources require maintenance
  • Condition Messenger: Machine control continually collects data on the condition of the machine components. It informs the operator if a component requires checking
  • Extremely high parts production across all sheet thicknesses and for tube processing

Technical Data

Key Technical Values

ByAutonom 3015 ByAutonom 4020
Nominal sheet size 3000 x 1500 mm 4000 x 2000 mm
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 169 m/min 169 m/min
Maximum axis acceleration 30 m/s2 30 m/s2
Operation with touch screen and manual control unit yes yes